What makes an essentially amateur club like ours tick is the amount of time people give to ensure the jobs that need to be done get down. Some roles are standard and easily identified like Treasurer and Secretary. Other roles may not be so well known and are club specific but equally important;  for example organizing the annual duck race which each year brings about £750 + into the club!

The common factors in all this are the feeling of achievement derived from jobs well done and the camaraderie in the team building and committee work. The sense of  well-being in belonging to a buzzing and focused cricket club whether you are a minor counties standard bowler or you are a budding statistician scoring for your son or daughter in the U11s is a vital part of successful social interaction.

If you would like to help in any way whatsoever then there is always something to be done – from the juniors to the most senior team.

If required the club would send you on appropriate courses and will issue certificates of attainment and references for personal advancement!

Please contact the Chairman Dave Eggins by filling in and sending the form  if you wish to join our highly committed and friendly team of volunteers!

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    Please note that any volunteer in the club who takes on a role which may entail unsupervised access to young people will be required to satisfactorily complete our vetting process which will include a DBS check.


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